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I had a dream last night that I started keeping books in the refrigerator because I'd run out of room for them everywhere else.

lol what?

May. 1st, 2011 11:25 am
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Things I dreamt about last night:

Daleks, Cindy Morgan, Hornblower, and Rock Band.

Tron lolz

Nov. 27th, 2010 11:35 am
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So, in my excitement regarding Tron Legacy, I have been thinking about Tron a lot lately. Up to and including dreaming about it last night.

This is only spoilery and funny if you've actually seen the original Tron. )
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So I had a dream about Batman last night that was vaguely reminiscent of Arkham Asylum. You know how the Joker kidnaps Commissioner Gordon, and Batman has to run around Arkham trying to rescue him? Well, in my dream, the Joker had kidnapped Gordon and actually locked him in a rickety old tower somewhere.

I woke up thinking, "Oh god, Jim Gordon really is the princess in the castle."


Oct. 25th, 2010 08:28 am
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So really, the worst time to be woken from a dream by your alarm is when you're jumping into a moving car, especially when said car is being stolen by a gangbanger, because the wannabe gangbanger that owns the car just went into a bar to shoot it up, except you know he's not going to, because he's really Ron Weasley.
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I had another dream about the Doctor.

And he was wearing a fez.
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Last night, I had a dream that the Doctor (Seven, in this case) went into an old run-down arcade in a gas station in the middle of the desert. You know how, when arcade games are idle, they flash the highest scores? He was looking at the high scores for one game and saying, "That one's mine, that one's mine, that one's mine, that one.... can't possibly be me, that one is mine..."

Also, I had a (totally separate) dream that some of my coworkers and I were trapped in a building with zombies. The zombies either hadn't been dead long, or had been converted as a result of a virus, because they weren't decayed and therefore were almost indistinguishable from normal humans. This complicated matters, as there were other humans in the building, as well. There was a lot of tactical strategy involved. With maps and lockpicking. It was AWESOME.


Apr. 5th, 2010 08:41 am
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So last night, I dreamt about Craig Ferguson and chickens. Yeah, I don't even know.

In other news, I am loving me some Eleven.
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Last night, I had a dream that Jason Momoa got arrested for claiming to be Batman.

Alfred called Bruce to inform him.

Bruce said, "What? But we're not even the same complexion!"

Alfred said that, nevertheless, he had hospitalized several of Gotham's finest.

Bruce just groaned.

After that, I had a dream that Toshiko Sato wasn't dead.
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Yeah, idk. )

Edit: So I just realised that I never posted about the FIRST weird Batman dream I had, which was about a year or so ago.

Under the cut. )
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I think I've been reading too much Batman lately, because I had this dream last night. )
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And then last night, I had a dream about Simon & Garfunkel in bondage gear and corsets.

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Okay, so I had this weird dream that was like a combination of Anne Rice, Twilight, and Nightbreed. With some random mythology thrown in. I've never seen or read Twilight, but I think hearing people talk about it at work has somewhat inspired this dream.

Weird dream. )
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Weird Robin Hood-related dream I had last night. )

And this reminds me that I've been so busy this week, I haven't bitched about how much I hate Kate yet!
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Just a couple that I recall...

Weird dream about Doctor Who. )

Then, I had a weird Watchmen dream. )
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Last night, I dreamt that Jason Momoa and Damian Marley were brothers and fought crime together.


Dec. 30th, 2007 08:04 am
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I really hate it when I'm watching Doctor Who, and I get to the end of the episode and someone's being attacked by a Dalek, and I go to dl the next episode.... and it's been removed for TOS violations. Bollocks.

But I blame that for the weird dream I had about Doctor Who. )


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