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Today I discovered that my mother likes SG:U.

I told her we can't be friends anymore.
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That was fucking awesome. I have no complaints.
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Dear Atlantis fandom,

Despite the fact that our beloved characters reside in ANOTHER GALAXY, they are still US military. This means that DADT is still in effect, and if your story takes place in a reality where either a) Atlantis has declared independence from Earth and no longer follow such rules and regulations, or b) DADT has been amended somehow, YOU NEED TO MENTION IT. A little exposition goes a long way. Unless you express (either in the fic or in the author's notes) that this is a reality different from canon or further in the future than canon, I am going to ASSUME that your fic takes place in a canonical reality. Airmen are not going to suddenly make out with members of the same gender in a room full of colleagues, even IF there is mistletoe involved.


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One of the writers/producers (I don't remember which one) was quoted in StarGate Magazine as saying "Season four is our best Atlantis so far." Or something like that.

Are we even talking about the same show?

Bitching. )
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I wrote a short StarGate fic, because this is really tearing me up inside.

Pairings: None.
Warnings: Is angst a warning?
Spoilers: For SG-1 10x20 Unending.
Disclaimer: StarGate is not mine.

here. )


Also, an unexpected occupational hazard of being a fitness trainer: getting covered in glitter. 0_o


Dec. 17th, 2007 09:57 pm
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Jason Momoa cut his hair.


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This has got to be one of the best Atlantis AU fics I've ever read. Go read it.

And why don't I have a Cameron Mitchell icon? I really need to get one.
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So, a few notes on tonight's Heroes, but first, my opinion on the new episode of Atlantis:

That was the SHITTIEST episode of Atlantis I have ever seen. I mean, "Sunday" made me angry, but at least it was a GOOD episode! "Travelers" was the most poorly written piece of crap the show has ever seen, and had more plot holes in it than I can count.

Having said that, onto Heroes thoughts. )

Now check out these FAAAABULOUS shirt designs!
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So, SciFi Channel aired Unending tonight. And uhm, 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

I don't know what that has to do with SG-1, but in honour of SG-1's final episode, here are 42 reasons why I love this show.

MASSIVELY image heavy, some of these are huge, behind the cut. )

Thank you, StarGate.
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Dear world,





-Love, me.
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Rodney totally wants Ronon's meat.

I'm just sayin'.
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So over at [livejournal.com profile] mckay_sheppard, someone linked to picspam threads for Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett (there was also one at the same link for Jason Momoa).

In retaliation, I have decided to start picspam threads for the female actresses of StarGate (since there is clearly less consideration for those fans of the lesbian persuasion). I shall begin, feel free to add on.
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Everybody remember this guy?

Well, he got his wish. )

This makes me ecstatically happy. :D
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Watched the last episode of SG-1 with Barb last night.

I can't tell how depressed I am or am not, because I've been distracting myself all day with an idea for an AU fanfic.

Spoilers for Unending. )

Watched the second episode of Robin Hood. Oh yeah, I love that show already.
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This makes me insanely ecstatic. :DDDDDDDDDD

Best quote: "yet another super-ultra durable Zelenka Picture, printed on extra absorbent paper, featuring eyes-that-follow-you-around-the-room-in-a-creepy-yet-strangely-endearing way, and a completely non-official Dollar Store Knock Off Stargate Party hat. How can you turn that down."

I can't. I really can't. I just don't know the picture and it was posted months ago.

ETA: I take it back. This is the best quote ever:

"It's Springfield, Mass. Where the zombies are hungry for brain and the little children are hidden away in boxes.
Love the zombie. Makes the scene look so much more, uhm, cinematic."

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I win the Idiot Award of the day for slicing my finger open with my own knife while trying to cut apart a can of Pepsi. (Yes, I did manage to cut it open, I just happened to get my finger with it.)

So Deana and I drove back up to Raleigh yesterday to get Tiffany. We stopped at the other Waffle House off I-40 this time, which was spectacular. The two waitresses commented on our method of eating waffles and said they had to try it themselves, since it seemed to be the best way to eat waffles ever. :D On the way back, I got a little sleepy, so we stopped at a gas station and Deana bought me blue Gatorade ("Ronon liked the blue kind") and a granola bar.

We are now two episodes away from the end of Season One in our Atlantis Marathon. We're trying to cram as much in as possible before Friday, when she leaves for *drumroll* her road trip to Washington D.C. From Asheville. And she's totally taking detours to stop at Waffle Houses. XD

Also, Deana and I started playing Prime, Not Prime. Apparently, I am not as sucky at this game as I thought I would be. Out of about twenty numbers, I got three wrong. 0_0 I don't know where this is coming from. Some hidden talent? I suck at math! I told Deana she is the Radek to my Rodney because I keep snapping at her, even though deep down I am a softy and I do like her.

Why is the Fire Nation symbol on my band-aid blue?
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So Wednesday night, Deana and I drove Tiffany to Raleigh. Three different people told her they would drive her to Katsucon and then bailed at the last minute, but another guy said he'd drive her up there as long as she met him in Raleigh to leave from there. Deana and I didn't get back till 6am (I had to be at work at 8:30am, good times, good times) after visiting one of the Waffle Houses off I-40 to eat our waffles Ronon-style (if you haven't read Minervacat's 844,739 Ways to Eat a Hamburger, you need to). (And yes, we took pictures.) We decided on one of the two (there's actually supposedly three, but we couldn't find the third one at ALL) off I-40 between Raleigh and Durham, and just happened to stop at the SLOWEST Waffle House in existence. It was staffed by two people. One of the other customers kept singing loudly about someone named Jerry. However, Deana and I agreed those were the best waffles we'd ever eaten in our lives. They were delicious.

In the meantime, not only did Deana and I watch five more episodes of Atlantis Thursday night, we watched another four episodes yesterday.

And Barb and I watched the new SG-1 last night. Spoilers for the Bad Guys. )

Also also, Barb bought me the Women of Sci-Fi calendar. We each have one. We are so taking them to Dragoncon with us. :D

They are talking about making both Women of Sci-Fi and Men of Sci-Fi calendars for 2008. Barb and I were both like, "You know what this means, right? We're gonna have to get both!"
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